Saturday, May 26, 2012

Napiszę tylko,  że ten chłopak jest niewidomy i grał cudownie. Nazywa się Damian Pietrasik i jest pianistą jazzowym.
(w Sienna Gallery)

Just wanted to tell that this guy can not see but he was played fabulous. His name is Damian Pietrasik and is a great jazz pianist.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Weekend majowy w Zakopcu był upalny ale zakrapiany mega alergią która zatkała mi nos i nie mogłam swobodnie zaciągać się tym świeżym, rześkim i górskim powietrzem. Ale i tak było fajnie.....

The May holiday in Zakopane was really hot but full of allergy which blocked my nose and I could not fully breathe this fresh, sprightly and mountain air. But still was fun....

P.s For you, who have no bloody idea what and where Zakopane is, I want to tell that, this is one of the polish quite small town in the mountains which called Tatras. But Zakopane is not the same one, as used to. 
I wasn't there for a few years and I was truly surprised when I saw H&M on the main street in Zakopane.
I guess it is not the same small charming town in the middle of the mountains or maybe lost just a bit of his charm. Well I don't know...