Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ski jumping World Cup,  Lillehammer 2014.

...i Ci których spotkałam na skoczni! / ...and jumpers whose I met on the hill!

    Piotr Żyła/Poland

Rune Velta/Norway

   Andreas Kofler/Austria

Kenneth Gangnes/Norway

        Lauri Asikainen/Finland

Robert Johannson/Norway

                                                                    Anders Fannemel/Norway

                                                                   Michael Hayboeck/Austria

unknow/if someone knows please let me know :)

                                                                          Tom Hilde/Norway

Wolfgang Loitzl/Austria

                                                                        Anders Fannemel/Norway

                                                                       Noriaki Kasai/Japan

..i podium po sobotnim konkursie/.... and Saturday finale!

  Anders Fannemel/Gregor Schlierenzauer/Michael Hayboeck

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